What's Happening in School Counseling?




Fresh Fest:
All Freshmen who attended Fresh Fest in August were also introduced to their counselor, the Pupil Services Department and student tours. For those students who did not have the opportunity to meet their Guidance Counselor during Fresh Fest, they will have the opportunity during the first two days of school during the advisory periods. I

Parent Orientation to School Counseling/Pupil Services:
As part of the Fresh Fest program, an evening program is offered for freshmen parents to help acquaint parents to the supports for their children. If you are interested in the information presented please speak with your child's counselor.


Financial Aid Night

SAT/ACT Seminar

FAFSA Night- Learn how to fill out your FAFSA and file it on-site at Masuk High School

Senior Seminars/Individual Seminars with seniors for college and post secondary plans


SATs offered at Masuk High School

PSATs given to all juniors at Masuk High School

Freshman Developmental guidance lesson on Goal Setting and Resume building


On Site College Admissions Interviews: During November admissions representatives from Quinnipiac University, Southern Connecticut State University and Western Connecticut State University will conduct on-site admissions interviews for our seniors.

Career Day: In November, Career Day is held in the Library. There will be many presenters from a various of career fields. Some of these areas included medical, television, business, education, environmental, entrepreneurship, and many more. Over six hundred students attended this outstanding event and had the opportunity to speak with our guests to learn about their chosen career field. Mrs. Mancuso, Mrs. Ploski, and the Citizens Advisory Committee are facilitators of this activity.


Sophomore Classroom Activity:
Counselors will be completing a strengths explorer interest inventory activity with all sophomores through their history class. 

PSAT Results: Student will log on to receive their PSAT results and to link to Khan Academy

College Applications: Seniors are meeting with their counselors to finish up applying to their colleges. Additionally, many seniors who applied early are starting to hear their admissions decisions. Congratulations to all of our seniors on their acceptances thus far. Keep the good news coming!


Senior College Acceptances: Many seniors will start to hear back from the colleges they have applied. Some of those colleges include: University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Michigan, University of Virginia, Penn State, Boston College, Villanova, Fordham, College of William and Mary, Providence, Northeastern, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Purdue, Ohio State, and many more! Additionally, we have a spike in applications to warmer weather states, perhaps due to the frigid temperatures we have been experiencing, and so far acceptances have come in from University of Hawaii, Florida Atlantic, Palm Beach Atlantic, University of Tampa, Unviersity of South Florida, Florida Institute of Technology, Florida International, Tulane, Embry-Riddle, Coastal Carolina, University of South Carolina, Southern Methodist University, and many more!

Overview to Course Registration: In January , Masuk Counselors go to Jockey Hollow and STEM to present an overview to the upcoming course registration to the 8th graders, who will soon be scheduling their courses for their freshmen year of high school.

Alumni Day: In January the Pupil Services Department sponsor and organize the annual Alumni Day, which take place periods 2, 3 and 4 in the Library and Cafeteria. Alumni from the prior graduating class return to speak with the current Juniors and Seniors in small groups. The returning alumni talk about their college experiences while also giving advice as to how make the college experience a positive one for the current Masuk students. These alumni represent a wide range of colleges from large to small as well as private and state. Members of the Citizens Advisory committee and pupil services staff facilitate the panel discussions.

Junior Seminars: Post-secondary planning continues as Counselors hold small group seminars for all of their junior students. Important information is being given to students relating to SAT/ACT testing, the college search, major criteria considered for admission into college, post-secondary planning process, and much more. During these seminars, juniors are also signing up for individual appointments with their counselors to discuss their individual plan and complete a college/career search.

Individual Counseling Appointments for Juniors: Juniors are meeting individually with their counselor to complete a college/career search, discuss SAT/ACT testing, discuss teacher recommendations and the college essay, and begin an individualized plan to complete the college search and application process.