About our School

Originally built in 1958 on land donated by Semyon Masuk and his family, Masuk High School has served the educational, social, athletic, and artistic needs of the Monroe community. With renovations in 1977 and 2004, Masuk currently educates nearly1200 students in a facility designed for 21st century learning.

With diverse offerings in all academic areas, Masuk prepares students for the worlds of college and work, focusing on rigor and creativity. Using the latest innovations in instruction, our faculty challenges our students while always supporting their academic needs. Our various courses in the Arts, Robotics, Business, Culinary Arts, as well as electives in our core academic areas, provide students the ability to customize their programs of study and build their college and career plans. Students have the opportunity to earn post-secondary credit through Naugatuck Valley Community College, University of Connecticut’s Early College Experience, and Advanced Placement.

Outside of the classroom, Masuk’s extracurricular offerings are continuously honored. Whether on the football field, the tennis court, the auditorium stage, or the art studio, our students engage in a robust program of opportunities designed to extend their learning beyond the classroom day.

A school is only as good as its communication with all stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, and community members. We strive to support this idea every day and hope this website provides any necessary information you may require. However, if you need anything further, do not hesitate to contact the school immediately.

Steven Swensen, Principal
Phone: 203-452-5823 x 7040

 Ian Lowell, Assistant Principal
Phone: 203-452-5823 x7044

Lisa Peterson, Assistant Principal
Phone: 203-452-5823 x7043

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